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My name is Michael Ranich. I am the proud owner of Eagle Eye Detailing, a family-owned and operated business established in 2007. We have been a proud vendor to Viking Yacht Service Center in Rivera Beach, FL since 2010.

I have been in the service industry my whole life, starting as a summer caddy in New York when I was 12. At 16, when I got my first car…what do you know? I fell in love with washing and waxing it! Even then, I took pride in my detailing long before becoming a business owner. That fire still burns inside me today: the desire to be the best and settle for nothing less.

In 2013, I began my search for an alternative to wax as a finishing product. Having customers getting their boats detailed twice a year with compounding, buffing, polishing and wax, the paint or gel coat began to deteriorate after 3-4 years. During a conversation with a captain, he acknowledged that even after keeping up a wax maintenance plan on the boat, it seemed to be getting worse, not better; I knew no captain would like to have that conversation with their boss. I was driven and highly motivated to find a solution for the future of yacht detailing.

I have always wanted to offer to my customers the best detail this world has to offer. I know that is a strong statement; lofty expectations follow. As a business owner and leader, I constantly strive to meet these goals. I am happy to say that I have found specific coatings for all surfaces pertaining to yachts; coatings that give us a fighting chance against mother nature; coatings that really do last, perform, and truly enhance an already beautiful yacht’s appearance.

I take pride in being available to all our customers, picking up the phone and communicating with them before, during, and after jobs. In my opinion, what brings us and the captains together is pretty simple: we both care about the boats we work on and both want to do the best thing for the yacht and owner. That being our top priority makes every job rewarding to us. The core principles that have truly contributed to our sustainability and longevity in the business are trust, teamwork, and bringing a level of service that’s second to none.

We serve clients from Martin County all the way down to Miami-Dade County and everywhere in-between, but our service area is not limited to these locations – we will travel all over the world to accommodate our clients, and have done work everywhere from Costa Rica and Panama to the US Virgin Islands and the Bahamas.

We Serve All of South Florida and Beyond.
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