Eagle Eye Detailing offers the highest standards possible for high-end yacht detailing. We are proud to deliver the finest quality yacht detailing and maintenance services to our customers. We also use only the highest quality products on your vessel. When it comes to coating, gel coat/paint, glass, and metals, we use only the best, and it shows when we complete the project.

Window Treatments

Our window treatments are designed to prevent watermarks from forming and making it easier to maintain a streak-free, high-gloss finish. Our treatments reduce how often maintenance is needed, creates a high-quality beading effect, and enhances appearance and visibility. Our treatments can last up to a year or longer.

Traditional Detail

We perform multiple-step detailing to restore your boat’s surface in order to apply a final coating​.

Yacht Coatings

The yacht coating options we offer range from soft to hard applications.

Metal Protection & Restoration

The ultimate protection for anodized aluminum, outriggers, and towers. Creates a high-gloss finish, prevents pitting and reduces maintenance. Once the clear coat is applied, it results in a superior finish. This coating can last up to 3 years.

Maintenance Plans

Your boat should look perfect every day, and together we can achieve that goal. We offer maintenance plans to ensure that your yacht looks impeccable year-round and are available any time to discuss your options. For us, it’s all about what is best for the yacht and the owner.

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Permagard Coating

Permagard is a specific, long-lasting protection process using a reactive polymer that is suitable for all types of paint and gel coats.

Once applied onto painted and gel-coated surfaces by a certified applicator, the Permagard treatment creates a high-quality protective coating with a glass-like finish that is extremely shiny and slick to the touch.

After your initial Permagard application we will set up a personalized service treatment plan to manage and maintain your yacht year-round with the highest gloss.

Permagard has a number of benefits that makes it an attractive alternative to traditional finishes:

  • Directly applicable to new paint and gel coat.
  • Protects exterior surfaces against continued absorption and damage from harsh contaminants such as acid rain, bird lime, insects, tree sap, UV rays, fuel, exhaust fumes, grease, solvents, fine sand, salt and chemicals.
  • Environmentally friendly, as it negates the use of detergents when washing.
  • Slows deterioration of paint/gel coat.
  • Restores oxidized paint/gel coat.
  • Protects paint from premature oxidation, extending the life of the paint/gel coat.
  • Greatly reduces the maintenance time required to keep the surfaces clean.
  • Provides durable protection.
  • Maintains a long-lasting shine.
  • Gets rid of fine lines and polish marks.
  • Removes yacht from high-speed buffing cycle.